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HERdacity Speaker FAQs 

We are always looking for experienced public speakers to share their ideas and thought leadership with our community.  If you have an idea for an event or panel, please reach out directly to info@HERdacity.org and suggest a topic and let us know your interest and topic.

HERdacity also hosts bi-weekly webinars. If you are interested in hosting a webinar, please read below.

Webinar Speakers

Thank you for your interest in supporting women in the workplace by considering presenting a webinar through HER Webinar Series. 

How does the HERdacity Webinar program work?

How does the HERdacity Webinar program work?

Webinars offer community leaders a chance to share their wisdom and expertise with our audience in an effort to connect, promote and support women in all walks of life. Our webinars take place every Thursday during the lunch hour (usually around 12pm) at no cost to viewers and can be seen on demand by HERdacity members afterwards.

The format:

  • 5 minute HERdacity and webinar speaker intro by HERdacity staff
  • 30-35 minute presentation by webinar speaker with content in deck format
  • 10-15 minute Q&A period and sign-off by HERdacity staff

What Subjects Do Webinars Cover?

Our goal is to tap into the wealth of knowledge and experiences held by women, in order to showcase powerful female leadership and foster discussion on issues relevant to all women.  HERdacity webinar topics cover issues that are relevant to support women’s economic empowerment, including:

  • Career & Business Development
  • Purpose & Fulfillment
  • Work/Life Balance

If you’re not sure your webinar fits the mission we invite you to reach out to info@HERdacity.org and contact the Program Manger. Overall, the webinar should authentically address an issue, topic, inspiration or learning that you feel you have the expertise to offer the community.  There will be a Q&A after the presentation, so a depth of knowledge/experience is a prerequisite for giving a webinar.

Will it be recorded?

Yes, all webinars will be recorded and made available to the HERdacity community on-demand, as many women cannot make the live webinar but would like to view afterwards. Our On-Demand content is for the HERdacity community, access granted through membership.

What do I have to do?

What written material do I have to present?

All webinars are given along with a slide deck for webinar viewers to watch while the presenter speaks. We ask that you submit a slide deck to the HERdacity Program Manager for review, no later than 9 weeks prior to your webinar.  The slides should be simple, easy to read and allow the viewer to follow along while you are presenting.  The deck should be material you feel comfortable sharing with the community, as it will be part of your LIVE webinar.

What else do you need from me to present a webinar? *

Once you have connected with the Program Manager and agreed on a potential topic and date , please submit the following inputs so we can review your content, approve title and deck and post your event:

  • Slide deck—recommend 5- 10 slides.
  • Photo—high resolution professional head shot
  • Bio—150 words or less stating your role or organizational affiliation, background, education, and interests
  • Content Release—signed and returned stating we have the right to broadcast and share.

*We ask that you return all materials at your earliest convenience, so we have time to put materials together on your webinar and conduct outreach to get as many viewers as possible to attend.

Is the technology difficult to learn? I’ve never done a webinar.

The HERdacity team will work with presenters to explain the technology and help download the required software. Presenters will also conduct a practice session prior to the LIVE webinar.

Will I receive email or contact information from the viewers of the webinar?

No, our organizational privacy policy does not permit us to share private audience information with volunteers. We hope you understand and respect our need to maintain the confidentiality of our community. We will provide your business contact info in your bio and remind the viewers to follow up with you if they want to learn more about the topic.

Can I receive a copy of my webinar to show friends?

We recommend your friends tune in to see the live webinar as this is offered at no charge to the public. You may invite as many friends and colleagues to view it as you present. We can send you the link afterwards, but the content is available on demand only to HERdacity members. As a 501c3 nonprofit, we rely on donations and membership to make this programming available to women from all walks of life.

What do I get?

Webinar Marketing Guidelines

Our speakers benefit by having their webinars, businesses and bios marketed to the broad range of women across functions, industries and geographies that we touch.  At the same time, HERdacity makes every effort to market webinars within the guidelines of what is best for our members. Because we only select presenters for our webinars whom we believe have a message to serve and uplift women, we are proud to “spread the word” about the webinar through a range of channels.  Our goal is  attract as many people as possible who can to benefit from the presenter’s message.

Please see the guidelines below which show what you can expect from HERdacity and what HERdacity can expect from you to make sure you have the strongest audience engagement in your webinar.

HERdacity Marketing—steps we will take to make your webinar a success:

  • Posts webinar on Eventbrite – Goal is 9 weeks in advance of the webinar
  • Posts webinar on HERdacity website – 9 weeks in advance of the webinar
  • Posts a graphic monthly with the upcoming webinars on social media, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  • Keep an Instagram link in bio to sign up for your webinar (link tree)
  • Posts the Webinar presenter’s leadership spotlight (as appropriate) to cross promote webinar
  • Looks for articles weekly to cross promote webinars past and present whenever possible
  • Includes upcoming webinars in HERdacity newsletter, sent weekly
  • Sends marketing toolkit/content to speaker

Recommended Speaker Marketing—our expectation is that speakers will actively share the webinar with their followers so we get a good number of viewers to benefit from the speaker’s efforts.  Below are our suggested guidelines.

  • Presenters use the HERdacity toolkit with event marketing graphics, wording and attached links to promote their webinar on all their own social media platforms where they are active, but especially Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
    • Please remember to tag HERdacity in posts on their social media
    • Feel free to use our wording in outreach only if you find it helpful, otherwise, feel free to put in in your own words! Our goal is to be helpful by making it easy.
  • Make every effort to engage with the promotional posts on the HERdacity social media—it helps drive attendance if the webinar hosts comments or shares enthusiasm to present!
  • Share webinar on your website (if you have  one)
  • Share webinar with your mailing list and network by sending emails & personal invites to relevant colleagues, friends or organizations.  Remember to use the sign-up link for the webinar.  The live view is free and open to the public so it’s a great time for your friends to tune-in!

Do I get paid for presenting a Webinar?

No, presenters are volunteers and are not paid. We believe this is a way for leaders to share their knowledge and give back to the community. We also feel it is a way for presenters to promote their business to an ever growing community.

At the same time, the presenter gains from the a broad community of followers to learn about their brand, whether personal or professional. For every presenter, we publish a business profile which provides a write-up of the presenter, her bio and any contact information she cares to provide.

The speaker’s presentation, bio and photo will be kept resident on our website. This offers presenters an opportunity to gain additional exposure to women who may not otherwise be aware of the services and skills they offer.

I’m ready to get to give a webinar, how do I get started?

I’m ready to get to give a webinar, how do I get started?

Please send your name/credentials, content release form, preferred topic, along with 3-4 main objectives of your presentation to our Program Manager at: info@dev.herdacity.org.

We will follow up with you within 3 business days of your submission.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the HERdacity community with a webinar!